Membership Dues

The Knights of Columbus SVF Council assesses each member dues of $30 annually on June 30th.  These dues are comprised of per capita for the Local, State and Supreme Councils.  The dues for the State and Supreme Councils support the many state and national initiatives that allow our order to support the needs of people after disasters and the many pro-life initiatives that the Knights take the lead on.  Locally, the funds allow for the administration costs of the council (badges, printing, mailing, etc.) without having to take away fundraising money from our donation causes.

The council also support the optional assessment of $5 to Support Vocations (RSVP).  If a member chooses to contribute this extra assessment, they are helping to allow the council to support our seminarians.  Along with being very beneficial, it is matched by Supreme. 

Dues payments can be made to the Financial Secretary, either in person or by mail:

Darin Lueken
17741 Maplewood Dr.
Boca Raton, FL 33487

Or pay online by credit card: